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Lodge Profile: The Do-It-Yourself Lodge

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For members of San Francisco’s Logos Lodge No. 861, creativity permeates all aspects of lodge life.

Donor Profile: The Architect of Fantasy

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Whether he’s designing digital monsters for Hollywood films or founding a new lodge, Bryan Godwin knows the secret’s in sweating the details.

Meet Me Outside

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Once a year, the Temecula Catalina Island Lodge heads for the hills.

Tales from the Underground

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Whether in caves or quarries, Masons have been known to meet in some unusual spaces​. Here’s an example.

Amidst the Glory of Nature

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Dedicated brothers from four lodges built an outdoor degree site at the Union City Masonic Home. It’s a testament to strong relationships, and a joy for those who experience it.

The Legacy of Objects

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One lodge’s near-casualty inspired a renewed interest in preserving Masonic artifacts, and revealed a treasure trove of California history.

Memorable Moments

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Each year, a brave contingent of past masters from Orange Grove Lodge No. 293 make their way through a sea of Hawaiian shirts […]

Coming Together to Give Back

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While their generous donations will make a lasting impact for California Masonic charities, Pace Setter lodges find that the impacts of their gifts are also close to home.


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