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Symbols of Femininity

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On aprons and teapots, in the first degrees and the virtues and lessons of Freemasonry, feminine symbols are threaded into the very fabric of Freemasonry.

Of Their Own Free Will and Accord

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Freemasonry’s relationship with women evolved during its long history. How has this relationship changed over time, and why are separate streams of Masonry likely to continue?

A Voice During the Women’s Movement: The Order of the Eastern Star

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While the women’s movement offered women more political power, Eastern Star
broadened opportunities for women across the country.

Faith of Our Fathers

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At the birth of our country, the Masonic Founding Fathers who signed the U.S. Constitution instilled the values of Freemasonry within our democratic government.

Creating a Culture That Unites

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Junior Grand Warden Arthur H. Weiss explains the beauty and significance of Masonic material culture.

The Masons of Jazz

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From Count Basie to Cab Calloway to Duke Ellington, many of the American jazz greats of the early- to mid- 20th century […]

The Warrior Monk

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The historic namesake of the order of DeMolay carries with it a fascinating history that has long piqued curiosity and study.


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