Covid-19 Updates

Check back frequently for the latest Updates from the Masons of California.

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Deputy Grand Master Arthur Weiss on COVID-19 Response
In this video message, Deputy Grand Master Arthur Weiss urges California Masons to hang in there, reach out to their extended fraternal families, and offer relief for those affected by the outbreak. WATCH THE VIDEO.

Masonic Homes of California Expert: Best Practices During COVID-19
Joseph Pritchard, the vice president of clinical operations for the Masonic Homes of California, offers five tips to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. READ MORE.

Affected by the COVID-19 Outbreak? Masonic Relief Is Here
Grand Master John E. Trauner has announced the formation of a Distressed Worthy Brother Relief Fund to provide services, resources, and funds to California Masons in need as a result of COVID-19. Learn more about the program and eligibility, and please consider making a donation to the fund.READ MORE.

Important Message from the Grand Master Regarding Lodge Events During the COVID-19 Outbreak
As of Monday, March 16, all non-essential meetings in California have been suspended indefinitely. As a result, all lodge meetings and Masonic events of any kind, including those for Masonic Organizations and Masonic Youth Orders are postponed until further notice.  READ MORE.

Disease, Quarantine, and Masonic Relief—170 Years Ago
When a horrific outbreak of cholera struck Gold Rush Sacramento and San Francisco in 1850, Masons took the reins of one of the state’s first—and most profound—public health responses. READ MORE.

Our Fraternal Promise: Message from Masonic Homes CEO Gary Charland
Our bonds of brotherhood are more important than ever during this outbreak.  Now is the time to reach out to our Masonic family. From making a simple phone call to offering to pick up groceries or medication for an elderly member, Masons are in a unique position to lend a helping hand to seniors, widows, and those living alone. READ MORE.

How to Manage Stress and Anxiety (video)
Like many, you may feel stress and anxiety at this time.  Kimberly Rich, Executive Director of the Masonic Center for Youth and Families, offers some strategies for managing anxiety and stress in this short video. WATCH NOW.

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Stuck at Home? Take a Deep Dive on Masonic Education Online
If like most of us you’ve suddenly found yourself with some time to kill at home, check out this list of fun online Masonic diversions from California and beyond. Esoteric blogs, Masonic museum exhibitions, and much more. We’ll continue updating this page as we come across more interesting finds. READ MORE.

Grand Lodge-Sponsored Event Status
Check here for a master list of the status of several upcoming Grand Lodge-sponsored Masonic events, including leadership retreats, symposia, and more. This list will be updated as more information becomes available. READ MORE.


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